A M O N   V O N   A D M O N T

AMON VON ADMONT HOCHKÖNIG (*8.8.78) is an Austrian-German neo-aestheticist artist, designer and composer. His first epic music was officially released under stage name in 1996 by an iconic neo-classical independent label. After graduating from the international renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2005, he moved to Munich and attended to the film & media industry. After creating design concepts for several international media companies and luxury & fashion brands, he was an art director for different customers. After a successful intermezzo as a creative director in the photography business, he decided to focus on his own artistic projects. In 2017, he founded the brand ARS MILITANS® to express and visualize his aesthetic approach in a fashion project. As an art director in the film industry he furthermore specializes in high-end aesthetics and cinematic imagery.

As a philosophic statement he proclaims:
„In a world that seems to be demystified it is our attempt to give hope and a truly new perspective. For the longing souls. For the hearts that are bleeding … An attempt that seems to be futile. But it never is. Conquer the soberness of life and encounter the divine in yourself. Remain in silence and become aware of the value of values … Then be truthful. Intransigent. Act militant. Truly. And prevail with grace … The essence of our work is a reverence to the fierce aesthetics and a raving commitment to aesthetic elitism. It is the duty of us subtle artists to pay homage to the great achievements of the past and to bring novel beauty into this world. Every single day of our lives. Not to entertain the modern world. Nor the demure females. But at least for the arts itself and for the cure of our wounded hearts … – All hail the Beauty!“