The overall aesthetics of fashion and the interaction between body and clothes is one of the most exalted experiences the creative mind has developed. The visual impact of an artistically draped body and the beauty that emerges from the combination of shapes and motion is able to bring something truly new into existence. Something beyond words … Our entrance to the fashion industry is an attempt to visualize and emphasize this sublime itself. It is a reverent homage to what we call beauty and a raving commitment to aesthetic elitism.

ARS MILITANS® is an evolving fashion concept and our effort paying homage to the fierce aesthetic movement. With this vision we would like to offer the sophisticated aesthete a different approach to fashion overall as part of a true elitist philosophy. Combining clean sharp-cut silhouettes and extravagant details this line of futuristic bohemian clothing would satisfy the demands of the aesthetic avantgarde. Premium quality fabrics and a line of extraordinary accessories create a unique brand that aesthetically runs riot. This is not just a clothing line. This is a true statement.

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